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Never give up on your dreams…

No matter how hard it may seem 

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The good old days


I’m in Vegas at the moment with my old buddy Wopat and we started talking about things we used to do that really aren’t part of every day life any more.

Oddly enough, because I’m such a car guy, one of my best memories of life before the internet was looking at the new Auto Trader magazine when it came out every week.

My mother and brother Bob and I would look through it… circle cars that were our “dream” cars and think about what we’d do if “that” car was in the driveway.

Somehow this tradition made us closer. I think maybe it was the discovery part of turning the page and finding some new jewel there to drool over.

My dream car was a Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am. I wanted that car so bad I almost got a loan that would have made it impossible for…

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It makes me sad when people talk others into doing things that are not truly in their best interests.

Things that are actually damaging to the one taking advice while, at the same time, financially lucrative for the people giving the advice.

That sounds complicated. Here’s another way to put it:

Some people sell cars that don’t run and tell the buyer that this is A “fixer-upper” that will cost you money but be a great project and eventually run as well as you want it to.

Other people put band aids on cars and tell people that they are “jewels” that will serve them and their families well.

One is honest and the other… dishonest.

No, I haven’t purchased any vehicles lately and this is just an analogy.

I’m trying, poorly, to make a point without naming names or calling any particular people in any particular Western state who…

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December 26

I have been real occupied the past few months but always still prayerful and blessed. Hope and pray you all enjoyed your holidays. I went to work this morning left work to go get a check up at the doctor for a pain in my chest and was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. I realized today I have been working so hard I have forgotten to take care of me. I worry about everyone all the time until I forget about me. When you feel something is wrong go with your intuition, slow down and check yourself.