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In life even when you are hurt by something, you have to become a rock. Observe, but say nothing and never let anything break you.


Take It & Laugh

BookCoverImage Take It & Laugh

Have you gotten your copy of “Take It & Laugh” today?

“In life, you have to learn to overcome obstacles with a smile…you have to take it & laugh…” In a small part of Louisiana, was born a beautiful baby girl named Rayla Ryan that brought joy to all she met. Her eyes smiled as she smiled. Rayla Ryan was born to Sarah Ryan, a hard working single mother, who adored her daughter. Rayla had failed relationships growing up, which led her to becoming a single parent, but never lost her faith in Jesus Christ. She remained focus with getting her education from a prominent HBCU (Southern University Agricultural & Mechanical College) and finding her true purpose in life. 

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