Love is 

Love is not a business deal or a bargaining factor. If someone says otherwise they are not telling you the truth. If anyone has to give you an ultimatum to be with them then obviously you have invested your time in the wrong person. 



Aries and Virgo

So this afternoon I talked to one of my guy friends who is a Virgo and he always makes me think and I love that about him.

So he was talking about his girlfriend and how she is the total opposite of him and that is why he loved her. I thought that was the sweetest thing in the world until I asked him when was her birthday and he said she was an Aries ­čśę­čÖł. I could not believe it. He said just like I have said for years that he was an Aries magnet. The irony…

I guess I should stop pushing Aries guys away because maybe it will actually be different with the right one I guess ­čśĆ but he also made me think when he said maybe God is bringing all the wrong ones to me so I will truly appreciate the right one when they come along. Just to prove to me that all Aries guys are not complete jerks. Hopefully, I haven’t turned the right one away.

It just reminds me that one should love and respect yourself with anyone no matter when they were born. But above all else, love everyone like Christ does and everything else will fall in place.


The mind

A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.

This quote has so much meaning to me that words are just not enough. I am generally not a fan of quotes but this one serves a purpose. Being a Virgo, everything has to have some sort of meaning to me. 

Almost a year ago, I started dating outside of my race. I never gave it a second thought before, but when you meet someone who is really kind to you just because you are you, one can not pass up the opportunity on spending time to get to know that person. It was really a learned lesson.

I feel people should not block themselves off from finding happiness with just one race. Because that is what society thinks is best. I do not think it is best for me. I could careless of what someone else may think of MY decision. The best thing that I learned last year was meeting a guy who really changed my whole view on why to try to date someone different. He did not advocate one bit for his race. He just changed my way of thinking and I will always be appreciative. You can learn from each other and learning produces growth. If I cannot learn anything from someone I would date, I do not see the purpose on being in the same room with that person. 

I am stating all of this to say, that you can find happiness in all colors shapes and sizes. Do not grow up to be “Shallow Hal” you would be surprised who can actually place a smile on your face and have a place in your heart.



In life even when you are hurt by something, you have to become a rock. Observe, but say nothing and never let anything break you.