The Invisible Girl

The Invisible Girl©

You do not see me 
You do not hear me 
Do you even know who I am?
The quiet, shy girl that stays to herself 

Waiting and looking in the clouds
Just as they move in the sky
No one sees me moving on ground 
No one is even around 
As I drift up to the sky
Maybe you can see me now 


In life even when you are hurt by something, you have to become a rock. Observe, but say nothing and never let anything break you.


Take It & Laugh

BookCoverImage Take It & Laugh

Have you gotten your copy of “Take It & Laugh” today?

“In life, you have to learn to overcome obstacles with a smile…you have to take it & laugh…” In a small part of Louisiana, was born a beautiful baby girl named Rayla Ryan that brought joy to all she met. Her eyes smiled as she smiled. Rayla Ryan was born to Sarah Ryan, a hard working single mother, who adored her daughter. Rayla had failed relationships growing up, which led her to becoming a single parent, but never lost her faith in Jesus Christ. She remained focus with getting her education from a prominent HBCU (Southern University Agricultural & Mechanical College) and finding her true purpose in life. 

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