Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Down in the heart of the city of New Orleans, this year on August 29, 2015 is the 10th Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Natives of New Orleans and residents of Louisiana get emotional about Katrina and any hurricane for that matter. Hurricane Katrina was a travesty for the people of New Orleans and surrounding areas. Today, the city has improved but the people who left with just the clothes on their backs will never be able to replace their memories or family members who were not able to leave because of the storm.
I personally volunteered at Southern University Minidome in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and met a lot of people that I probably would have never met due to unforeseen circumstances. It had to be the most humbling experience I have ever experienced in my life. I tried to put myself in their shoes and was very emotional because the little kids did not know or understand what was going on at the time.

Even today, I still get emotional looking at the pictures and know the turmoil that some of the new friends I made went through and were called refugees in their own city. I thought the term “refugee” was a bit discriminating due to the fact everyone who came from New Orleans had to relocate and not by choice to either Houston or Atlanta. I still understand why some residents are a bit upset that prior presidents are coming to see the city now and celebrate when certain parts of the city is still under construction.  I could not celebrate this weekend as if my family in Louisiana were not affected by Hurricane Katrina. 



President Obama


This lady sent me a friend request on Facebook and we have no mutual friends or anything so I decided to look on her page and look at this ☝️ now if anyone else would have threatened the president they would be in jail. I really don’t agree with alot of the things that President Obama has implemented while in office but this is uncalled for and disrespectful. You never wish death on anyone this is cruel. You never post hatred remarks about any official and especially not the President of the United States.


You have to learn a lesson before a blessing 

I had to post this because I have tried to learn and reflect on every relationship and situation I have ever experienced in my life. You can learn something from everyone and every situation. Take the time to reflect daily. 

Some people are meant to hurt you so you will be wiser the next time you meet someone. Some people are selfish and jealous so you will know what you will not tolerate and know your self worth. Know that life has a timing for everything. If you are going through difficult times now they will not last always and if your life is going perfectly enjoy it while it last because things will change. Life is a evolving cycle. Be grateful for the things you have encountered in life because one day it will all make sense. Notice I said, “one day”.