I have not had time to write lately it is summer in Louisiana and I am trying to enjoy life before hurricanes.

I had a nice talk today with someone I have known for a while and they told me what a great friend I was to them and that they appreciated me for always being there for them. I was really impressed and never knew that I meant anything to them. Goes to show you some people still care and appreciate someone who genuinely has their best interest at heart. 

I am a person that can be seen as nice but I will not tell you what you want to hear I will tell you what you need to hear. I do not believe in sugar coating anything and if I feel you have hurt my feelings I will be open about that as well. If you want to leave a positive impression on someone you should genuinely  do positive things and not think about just yourself. 

I was told today by my friend that he was glad he never got on my bad side because he said he did not want to be a character in my next book. I could do nothing but laugh. I do not have a real bad side I treat people with respect, am honest and just expect to get treated back the same way. I write about things I have experienced or have seen and think some of it would make a great story line. People can learn from my mistakes and do better. 

I always tell people if you want me to say or remember you as being a positive person in my life be just that a positive influence. But if you have decided to treat me unfairly, then the words and actions may become a story. If Taylor Swift can do it so can Rachel Stewart. I give everyone a chance to do what is right, but I do not manipulate anything or anyone. I play the cards I am dealt and listen to the inner voice God gave me called intuition. 

No matter what mood I am in I always try to be mindful of others. Life is not only about the reflection in the mirror but of what positive impact or what you can do to help others. People will ALWAYS remember how you made them feel. I just do not want to be the person that someone regrets meeting. 

Some are not raised like I was to be a humble servant, loyal, honest and true like I was back in the day. I have learned to live at peace! 😊



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