So this afternoon I talked to one of my guy friends who is a Virgo and he always makes me think and I love that about him.

So he was talking about his girlfriend and how she is the total opposite of him and that is why he loved her. I thought that was the sweetest thing in the world until I asked him when was her birthday and he said she was an Aries 😩🙈. I could not believe it. He said just like I have said for years that he was an Aries magnet. The irony…

I guess I should stop pushing Aries guys away because maybe it will actually be different with the right one I guess 😏 but he also made me think when he said maybe God is bringing all the wrong ones to me so I will truly appreciate the right one when they come along. Just to prove to me that all Aries guys are not complete jerks. Hopefully, I haven’t turned the right one away.

It just reminds me that one should love and respect yourself with anyone no matter when they were born. But above all else, love everyone like Christ does and everything else will fall in place.



5 thoughts on “Aries and Virgo

  1. Wow! …I …uh… This speaks to me. On so many levels. I am a virgo and have an Aries in my life. Very trying at times. Often I fnd myself ….. well I’m sure you can infer.

    1. Yes I truly understand they can make you push them away. I am a Virgo who always seem to have the pleasure of one being attracted to me for some odd reason. I am going to try and have a better outlook after today but I have a bad history with Aries guys.

  2. Aries and Virgo pfffffft I have a lot to say about this combination. But I’m an Aries, and dating a Virgo man felt almost exactly the same as being single.

    1. I know you do my Aries friend! Aries women are so different and easier to get along with than the guys. The weirdest couple is all I can say..just skeptical about getting involved like that again. Communication and being stubborn is mainly the problem

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