Thoughts on a Tuesday 4/28/2015

The enemy sends people into your life just as God does so be wise enough to know who to let in and who to let go.

Praying for discernment daily.

God                           Satan

Stills you                 Rushes you

Reassures you       Frightens you 

Leads you               Pushes you 

Enlightens you      Confuses you 

Forgives you          Condemns you 

Calms you               Stresses you 

Encourages you     Discourages you 

Comforts you          Worries you



Political Science 

I am working on another book and just had a really cool thought of what justifies what I am paying for with a political science education. 

If things did not always have to make sense to me my life would be so much better.

Every time I think about what I went to college for I think about the fact that when you study political science, you are  basically studying case studies of why groups of people do what they do. You are studying ideas and their impact on people.


Reveal who you are?

People do not change who they really are. If you are a nice person you are a nice person no explanation needed. You do not go from nice to asshole and start treating someone like shit overnight. Then make an excuse. You were indeed always an asshole. It just would have been nice to know you were an asshole from the beginning.