I am a private person and no one truly knows me. I surprise myself at what I find out about myself daily through my own eyes. But people always assume they know about you and say what they would do if they were you. Well guess what you not me and I am not you. Everything I have ever done in my life has been well thought out and planned by myself no one else. So whatever happens, I am doing it my way. 

Everyone’s life would be so much better if they would mind their own business and quit assuming they know everything. I will lead you on a wild goose chase just to see how you are going to go about doing things. I get bored at times and people assuming things about me I find very interesting. Let’s me see they truly are pathetic humans with no life. I am happy with everything I have done because it has made me who I am today. But keep assuming… I am still gone do what is best for me

Always a subject of interest and fascination



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