Lately, I have noticed alot of females playing the fake sister in law, mother in law, and not even married to a guy or in a real relationship. I like to write and make up stories but I will never pretend to be something I am not a in law. You should not give a person a role with the label of being something that requires matrimony. 

Some of them try to become so close to the guys family and doing everything with their sister and brothers they start to date their family more than the guy or girl they are dating. The sister and the brother knows how their sibling are so they will not let what you do for them persuade them into being your friend or even telling them if their sibling is cheating on you. In all actuality, by being fake in laws you are showing them you would do anything to fit in with them. This is a sign of weakness.

When the relationship is over the feeling of awkwardness occurs because not only have you lost a significant other you also have lost a fake friend you forced a relationship with based on false premises and illusions. 

I observe too much and see people destroying themselves all to have one person in their life. Forced relationships never work or last long at all.



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