So today I learned a lesson of never to deposit your cash money via a ATM. I deposited money in the bank via ATM and the machine said it could not read the bills. It began to shoot out my money and tore one piece of the bill in which had a stapler piece in it and I did not have any staples in the money I deposited. I went in the bank to tell them and they told me that they could not do anything at the counter that I would have to sit and wait for a banker. While I was sitting there I was observing everyone who came in and went out the bank. Thinking to myself what was I thinking of relying on a machine. So I waited 45 minutes for a banker and she handed me a piece of paper with a claims number on it and advised I would have to initiate a claim via the phone and that she could not help me. So 45 minutes of my life was wasted sitting to wait for a piece of paper with a phone number. The only thing positive I could think of after sitting in there for so long was maybe I needed time to reflect on my actions or maybe God was saving me from a car accident. However, I was thankful that I talked to a representative on the phone who was willing to assist me. Also, I was thankful I had money to deposit in the bank because someone somewhere is probably wishing they had something to deposit in their account. Sometimes you have to be mad to be able to realize you are alot more blessed than you thought you were to begin with in life.



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