In order for society to evolve or change for the better intelligence needs to be promoted instead of ignorance and stupidity. Ever notice some things and people are relevant because people will promote negativity instead of wanting to change for the better.

Do something that promotes violence or promiscuity and you have the highest ranking or ratings. Promote something positive and you will have to work ten times as hard to get anyone to listen. Society does not want to change for the better it seems. Pray for the world and the people who live in it.



2 thoughts on “Society

  1. The promotion of positivity is the very reason I have very few qualms with the clickbait titles of UpWorthy and Buzzfeed, despite their insidiously advertising-based nature. I notice that people accept negative ‘clickbait’ headlines and stories as normal, while inspirational quotes or videos are treated with disdain. That being said, I am positive the rise of individual voices via the internet will see a cultural shift – no matter small and steady it will be in growth.

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