Aries compatibility Virgo
At first Virgo and Aries seem a very unlikely match. The quiet, reserved Virgo may be taken aback by the outgoing, daring ways of Aries. Yet, when they meet up, there is certainly passion. Aries is drawn to the mysteriousness of Virgo and Virgo is intrigued by the adventurous Aries.

Virgo will see Aries as somewhat reckless, and feel they are not taking anything seriously and Aries may see Virgo as being harsh and over critical at times. Where Virgo may want Aries to be more sensible and practical, Aries may regard Virgo as being too much of a worrier.
However it is these very differences between two signs that can make the relationship between Virgo and Aries grow stronger. They can discover a great deal about each other if they focus on each others strengths and in time will come to admire and respect each others different ways.

Aries appreciates Virgo’s ability to be calm and level headed in most situations and Virgo is taught the art of self confidence from Aries. Aries teaches Virgo to take life a little less seriously. Virgo teaches Aries to be patient and pay more attention to the little details.



6 thoughts on “Aries and Virgo

  1. Weird that you should post this as I’m an Aries who recently split from my Virgo man. He was an archetypal Virgo so he compartmentalised everything, including me, and I didn’t like that much.
    Being the detatched & casual type, it always seemed like he didn’t care but I know you Virgos are sensitive underneath it all ūüėČ

    I miss him. Do you think he still thinks about me at all?
    We split 4 weeks ago today.

    1. This is like the weirdest thing he probably still does. The worst part about being a Virgo is that we speak from the heart regardless of how others feel. We always are very critical of everyone including ourselves. Only wanting you to be the best that you can be. People never understand the Virgo brain. But best believe he still thinks of you we never really get over anyone unless they seriously hurt us. I know from personal experience it is a Aries guy I would love to hear from but I am not going to go out my way when he knows how I feel about him and would do anything for him. We Virgo people are stubborn if you have not figured that out.

      I seem to be an Aries magnet I have only dated one guy who was not an Aries and he was a Virgo born on the same date as I am. But Aries and Virgo really compliment each other. You can learn so much from being polar opposites yet still have some things in common as only wanting the best and a love for helping people succeed. If you are a brave soul give him a text or a call. It is always a pleasure to know someone thought of you.

  2. That was a really poetic reply – thanks. I’ve always had a soft spot for Virgos because 1) they’re gorgeous 2) I think I understand them well. It’s the Aries dilemma of knowing they care…but that knowledge not being enough. We’re the sign of action and we can’t understand why everybody doesn’t show their feelings, like we do. You’re spot on about what makes Aries & Virgo work – I think the intellectual compatibility is amazing in an Aries & Virgo combination.

    Thanks for the advice – I texted him earlier to ask how he’s been getting on but no reply yet. He’s scheduled-orientated so never replies until he’s ‘free’ anyway, which my impulsive being has learned to deal with! How come you don’t want to contact the Aries guy if you still care? Is it impractical to see him again or do you fear he’ll take your feelings for granted?

    1. Lol at scheduled oriented I am like that whenever we are focused on one thing it is hard to get sidetracked. Yes Aries impulsive behavior is very interesting to a Virgo never knowing what to expect.

      As for myself it is a bit of both with the Aries guy. He would always give me mixed signals so I just stopped communicating with him and told him how I felt. I will just text him for his birthday in April but that is about it. He knows my number and how I feel.

      Just know your Virgo guy is not over you. We never truly get over anyone. Sucks to be a Virgo..

      1. As for Virgo women – I love them! Haha, I have this thing that Aries, Virgo and Cancer women are natural badass feminists. Even though there are other signs that fit the bill, a lot of famous musicians etc are women born under those signs and I always get on with Virgo women because they’re rad.

        So be proud to be a Virgo! Nobody else is as emotionally independent as you guys, and it’s amazing.

      2. We rarely show people how we feel. I can be in a horrible mood and still have a smile on my face. You are definitely right about being one of the most successful signs of Aries, Virgo and Cancer are definitely up at the top. We are very creative people that can make a way out of no way.

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