Everytime I go to the store whenever I see an elderly lady I think of my mom. Today a lady was in the store trying to buy her groceries and did not have enough to pay for her groceries. When the cashier asked her to pay she looked all in her purse but did not have enough money. People were leaving the line. She emptied her purse on the counter and did not have enough money to pay for her groceries. She looked as if she wanted to cry. I did not have much and paid for the remainder of her groceries. I am not a rich person but I know God has always provided for my kids and myself, even when I did not have a job. The lady thanked me and said the next time she had some money she would pay it forward for someone else. She explained how things were hard for her living on social security and no other income. I told her she did not owe me an explanation everyone has a hard time and that we should all help those we can help. She told me she was going to pray something good happens to me. I thanked her. It does not matter how much trouble you think you have someone somewhere else is suffering alot worse than you. The fact that the lady said she would pray something good would happen for me meant alot. I know my mom is proud of me in heaven.



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