Just another day in the year to me. If I had a significant other who could not show me he loved me every day we were together one day out the year would not be any different.

I really love how commercialized holidays reflect on some women’s need to be justified of who they are. Those same women forget whose they are. It brings down the self esteem of some young women.

All women and men should do nice things for themselves or love themselves. If no one loves you the way you want to be loved make sure you love yourself. Life is too short to be anything else but happy.

Some fail to realize everyone is not meant to be in a relationship. Some people are meant to be single until they work on themselves. Everything happens for a reason. In his timing!!



One thought on “Valentines Day

  1. I saw my ex in Tesco on the day after Valentines day and I think he spotted me first because his body was faced at a 90 degree angle away from mine.
    Naturally I looked at him for a split second and then ran away!

    My chilli con carne had no salsa in it as a result.

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