No matter what people say I love Mr. West…

1025 KSFM

By Shannon Carlin

In six days, something big is happening inKanye West‘s world, but what is it?

That’s what fans are asking after a mysterious countdown showed up on a new website calledYeezy.Supplythat Kanyetweeteda link to last night.

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The clock has something big happening six days from now?Feb. 12, to be exact.

Currently the site features a countdown clock over what looks like a moving conveyor belt. It’s noisy, but the sounds are hard to place. Could those noises be from a factory? Are those two people talking about the future of fashion? Is this a preview of whatYeezus 2sounds like? Is that ‘Ye’s new BFFPaul McCartneyplaying theair compressor?

Seriously, who really knows, but from the name of the site, one can predict this will be used…

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