So this new television show everyone is so hyped about should come with a real serious verbal disclaimer. The first thing you see is two women kissing on regular television.

This goes to show you that sex sells and no matter if it is with a man or a woman or vice versa. But since it is giving media what they want something new and edge cutting the series has already got picked up for a second season after two episodes.

The media will have you hating yourself if you are not careful and feed your brain in what you see. That is why a closer relationship is helpful with Jesus Christ. It is important to know whose you are.

Children should not be watching this show in any form or they will think the thuggery is appropriate. The sexual orientation is not appropriate for regular television I repeat. This is not a show that should be on regular television maybe HBO or Showtime.

Personally, I could not play a role or a part in anything I did not feel was inappropriate for certain age groups or levels. Just because things of this nature occur people should be forewarned of what they are about to see.

One of the reasons I have had so many jobs is because I stand up for what I believe in and if something or someone compromise my morals or values I must disassociate myself.



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