Ides of March

Every day in March I will choose a topic relevant to society (something political to engage my audience in discussion).




In order for society to evolve or change for the better intelligence needs to be promoted instead of ignorance and stupidity. Ever notice some things and people are relevant because people will promote negativity instead of wanting to change for the better.

Do something that promotes violence or promiscuity and you have the highest ranking or ratings. Promote something positive and you will have to work ten times as hard to get anyone to listen. Society does not want to change for the better it seems. Pray for the world and the people who live in it.



I am watching this weeks episode of Joel Osteen and as usual this man speaks to me on many levels. I still want to go to his church and still have not had the chance. This would be a good date for someone to take me here hint.

However, the sermon was on Rachel from the bible. I was named after my grandmother who was named after my great grandmother in which our names came from the bible.

Rachel had a lovely face and lovely figure and Jacob fell head over heels in love with her. This describes me pretty much and I have that affect on people lol. She was beautiful and friendly to everyone. Describes me some more. She had a secret frustration of wanting a baby. That does not describe me nor my grandmothers we have no problem in that area…thank God.

However, Leah was the older sister and in that time the older sister had to get married and have kids prior to the younger siblings. Jacob ended up with Leah. Leah gave Jacob four sons. Although Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah he was with Leah.

The moral I found interesting from this sermon is that everyone has a frustration. You do not know the test God has given an individual. A test to make that individual a stronger person with a testimony. People always think because it looks as if you have everything together going on in your life it does not mean you do not have something or someone you secretly desire to have in your life.

You have to become at peace with who you are and be thankful for what you have in life. At that point you have to pray. In his timing God will remove your frustrations and give you the desires of your heart if it is his plan for you.

Back to the sermon, years later, Rachel had a son named Joseph. You have to have faith and give God your best and trust even when it looks like nothing makes sense to you. Pray for patience and trust his timing. God’s mercy endures forever. Also, you have to believe for God to turn your situation around. Do not let secret frustrations stop you or limit your growth. If you have faith, God will get you to who and where you need to be.


My age


I rarely ever tell people my age. Either you are going to accept me for who I am or not. Age is nothing more than a number to classify an individual from birth. I seem to only attract guys younger than me the curse of working out and taking care of myself. I guess…I know it is not because I act young. I consider myself a wise soul.


Aries and Virgo

Aries compatibility Virgo
At first Virgo and Aries seem a very unlikely match. The quiet, reserved Virgo may be taken aback by the outgoing, daring ways of Aries. Yet, when they meet up, there is certainly passion. Aries is drawn to the mysteriousness of Virgo and Virgo is intrigued by the adventurous Aries.

Virgo will see Aries as somewhat reckless, and feel they are not taking anything seriously and Aries may see Virgo as being harsh and over critical at times. Where Virgo may want Aries to be more sensible and practical, Aries may regard Virgo as being too much of a worrier.
However it is these very differences between two signs that can make the relationship between Virgo and Aries grow stronger. They can discover a great deal about each other if they focus on each others strengths and in time will come to admire and respect each others different ways.

Aries appreciates Virgo’s ability to be calm and level headed in most situations and Virgo is taught the art of self confidence from Aries. Aries teaches Virgo to take life a little less seriously. Virgo teaches Aries to be patient and pay more attention to the little details.