American Sniper has to be the best movie I have seen in a while. The actors gave life to a truly amazing story. Chris Kyle and those who serve our country are all a hero in my eyes.

I do not think anyone who watched that movie was not touched by the movie. Yet, the ending of the movie was truly heartbreaking. Our service members are heroes to our country. Not just one day a year but everyday they are very important to our livelihood.

I have always had a love for people in the military. I can remember a couple of years ago I wrote a poem about wanting to marry a marine. Then several months ago I was fond of a National Guard. I think from now on I am only dating military guys. They are truly caring and amazing men.

Go see American Sniper and make sure to always show gratitude and respect for all people who serve our country. You never know the things they go through mentally and emotionally daily.



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