So I am home channel surfing and it seems to be a Channing Tatum night 😏 #DearJohn #TheVow and #MagicMike I do not even find married men attractive but this man 😩 oh my Gosh he is super talented and have you believing he is the character he is portraying. He reminds me of someone 🙈😍. My favorite movie is #DearJohn because the girl reminds me of myself she volunteers all the time, doesn’t drink or smoke but the only thing she did that I could never do was not be loyal to John. She feel for him in two weeks, I did that before and now well anyway…

I do not see how people could leave a person who is fighting for our country. They are selfless individuals which makes them easy to fall for 😍 It is heartless to leave that person and one should know what is to be expected in a relationship with someone in the military. Loyalty over everything.

However, my apologies to Jenna Dewan, but he is awesome in my eyes 👀😍



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