Today I was called a bully at my son’s old school. Well needless to say, I actually agreed with the counselor because I told her if she considers a bully someone who stands for what they believe in than that is who I am. Personally, I think she wanted to call me another “b” word but knew she would lose her job.

A bully is defined as a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

I stand 5’3 but have a giving heart and will not be treated or talked to without being respected. I never try to intimidate anyone and I am easy and willing to talk to anyone. Nor will I allow my kids or anyone I care about to be disrespected.

Obviously, when you speak up for yourself you become overbearing to the weak, out of order individual. I am not weak and was not raised that way.

I was raised a bit different than most and was always taught to stand for what I believe in or you were actually breathing for nothing. I also know that when people cannot figure you out they tend to try and label you. I let things people say stay in the air. I do not let it touch my spirit at all.

I think if you allow people to be disrespectful they will but to inflict pain upon yourself because of it is ludicrous. In life, you always have to deal with issues head on at hand. “Communication is the KEY to every successful relationship.”~~~my quote I made up years ago for my email signature.



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