I have to date a guy for a year before I would label him as my boyfriend~~RNS

You can go out or converse daily with someone and really like each other for a month then just one day never speak or text each other again.

No need to give people a position they never truly deserve. Right???

I asked two guys what dating was to them and one said it was pretending to be someone you are not for three months then once you finally get to know each other you become yourself and break up. I thought he was playing when he was talking to me, however he had a very serious face as he was talking to me. 🙈😂

The other guy said it was just spending time with each other when you could and trying to do what the other person liked doing.

I began to become confused because to both of them dating really was not truly being yourself. It was pretending not actual dating.

I could not be with someone and knowing they were doing something just because they thought I wanted to do it. I would want them to be themselves and just plain happy. Compromise for the greater good not being someone else.

Some people today all of a sudden become interested in something because they have met someone doing that particular thing. Those people are what I call “bandwagoners”. A “bandwagoner” can be defined as: Jumping on ship because it is the latest thing going on. If I like someone I tell them and let them know that they can be themselves even if it is an asshole.

Just be yourself whenever you are with anyone either they will accept you for who you are or you will never hear from them again. Never lose yourself trying to be with someone who is obviously not for you.



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