I made it the third anniversary of my mother’s death without a tear. I think January 3, 2012 changed my entire life and reminds me that we shall live before we die.

One of the hardest things to deal with everyday is to know that I will never get to see, talk to or tell her I love her again.

I am glad she always knew how much I loved her and still do. That is why I always tell people how I feel be it good or bad. You never know when the last time you may see a person.

Just because people smile does not mean they are happy they have just learned how to deal with the cards that they are dealt and will never play victim.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives and doctors would advise you to take antidepressants but I am better than that and refuse to become a walking lab rat. It is all about money just as politics. They do not care about your state of mind but to get you on a controlled substance once taken the side effects would defeat the purpose. Plus they become rich off of poor you. I just believe there are signs everwhere to guide me shall I become lost.

Keep the faith!



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