One of my favorite places in Baton Rouge is Coffee Call and I do not drink coffee but love the beignets and tea.

I always meet interesting people at that place as usual I was by myself reading my textbook. An elderly man was by himself as well and came up to talk to me after he saw I was reading. He asked what I was going to school for and I told him I was reading for my class lectures. He told me I looked too young to be teaching. I took the compliment as being nice. He told me he was a Army Veteran and if he went to school he would have went for history or politics so he could change some of the policies in the world. Well I went to college for history and politics so I began to smile when I told him that is what I graduated in a couple of years ago. He began talking about how he fought for our country and how the benefits of helping others was most important to him. He told me to encourage others to help serve our country because the world needs good people as leaders who are not out for helping themselves. I agreed with him totally.

Neither one of us were of the same race and he came up to me talking as if he knew me for years.

All people matter!



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