I love all people it is just some people I choose to not be around. But whoever started the rumor about size and race should be ashamed of themselves. People who believe this should also be ashamed of themselves.

It really bothers me how society tries to paint caucasian men as being the oppressor. Most who feel this way have a small mind and need to learn to love the reflection in the mirror. Cut out the self hate and remove hatred from your heart. Hate is not a God like trait. Most of the time the people or person who is holding you back is you.

All issues cannot be avoided some things have happened unfairly because of the color of people’s skin. Some blacks are targeted I will admit that, but also I see more blacks hurt blacks. Just Saturday, in daylight I saw a woman who was sitting on the side of the road while I was driving selling Avon at a table she put together being robbed crying out for help. People driving past, just as I did and nothing we could do but watch that poor lady sit in the cold selling Avon crying. They robbed her while she was sitting outside for hours trying to make money for Christmas gifts for her family. No one was caught just like when my brother got robbed before Thanksgiving no one was caught & both were robbed by black males on foot.

However, Caucasian guys are really nice and especially ones who are into black females. They lack nothing at all except right now a date with me 🙈😂. They treat you with respect and kindness. Something I have rarely received dating within my own race. Cliches are so far off that is why I do not appreciate them are utilize them at all. “That once you go black you never go back,” is total crap.

If you treat me right you can be purple and green I would not care. I will treat you just as good as you treat me. I have dated within my own race and was treated like crap for years. Not no more….


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