Disclaimer: This is to address teachers who do not love their job and the ones who like to give busy work.

So today I had a heart to heart with a man who is a first year principal and has hired teachers who do not teach. I am a person who states how I feel because I have a valid point for addressing this issue. I believe in following protocol and if it is not done correctly I believe in reporting everyone involved.

I thank God everyday that I have brillant children who are smart and respectful. I have a son in second grade and fifth grade who gets entirely too much homework and projects. They attend a school that is not a magnet school. Even though they tested for being gifted students. The work they are given makes it obvious nothing is being done in the classroom. None of these projects are age or grade level appropriate. They are not learning anything new at school.

I buy workbooks and teach them at home. Everyday is a new learning experience. I am not the parent who rely on the teacher when they are my children. But I do have a problem with a elementary teacher giving me homework.

One of the reasons I have not obtained a third degree is because I do not want any homework.

The conversation went like this today, “First of all, I am tired of the teachers giving too much homework and projects that are for adults not students. I would love to know where are they getting continuing education hours from that is advising them to give parents homework and powerpoint projects. They have some adults and students I teach in college who do not know how to use powerpoint yet my son in 5th grade gets two projects.

This hurts students who are being graded unfairly who have parents who are not computer savy. My argument is not just for myself but all students who do not have the resources to complete tasks that are given.

My second grade son gets 30 pages of homework on Tuesday to be completed by Friday and read every night. None of the worksheets were on the same lesson or planned you can tell every week this is busy work. Just pages torn out of multiple workbooks.

My son in fifth grade gets Powerpoint projects in which he had no clue of doing but I had to put the information he found in the library into a PowerPoint document. My son read books on his Kindle and that is the technology, he basically uses on a daily basis not Powerpoint. Yet, he has another powerpoint presentation with another student I will have to meet with which is the most unheard of thing for a elementary student having to meet outside of school for a project and grade depending on another student.

I repeat my children are not learning anything from these projects or 30 pages of homework,but they are consuming my time and money. Buying project boards from Michael’s which is not teaching them anything. I informed the principal that while you all have all these glorious meetings no one ever talks about homework for parents because that is all that is being done here. I really think the news media needs to make other parents aware of what goes on at that school.

I told the principal, I have a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree I DO NOT need HOMEWORK or PROJECTS to do. I work for a living not sit at home waiting for homework or projects. I should not be getting remind 101 text messages, telling me I have homework on the weekends. None of these things are teaching the children anything. Common sense would tell these teachers this but I had to bring it to their attention. Obviously, the kids with behavior problems at the school are not doing the assignments and I have gotten sick of all the homework my kids are given. Giving piles of worksheets in which a stapler cannot hold is ridiculous. This is not teaching what they are doing at this school is busy work. I DO NOT NEED BUSY work.”

I made it very clear, after voicing my opinion of what goes on at this school and if either one of my children is treated differently in any way at all I will inform the news media. Groups of people who work together tend to have each other’s back when they all doing wrong and have hostility towards students because of parents. If I was wrong I would feel bad, but not when I am tired of homework. If you cannot do your job right or want your job let someone else work.

People in society jump on bandwagons about what is going on in society when they have major issues at hand right in the city and state they reside. They have people in the field of education who should be doing something else, somewhere else and that should be addressed.



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