I may offend some with this blog but biting my tongue hurts me and I love myself.

So many people get into fields that pay an above average income to only complain and hate their jobs. When you apply to any job you are given criteria for what that job encompasses. So once you start working and you disagree with anything find you another occupation or career.

People harp on certain jobs need to be paid more money. Well guess what, just because you entered the field does not mean the pay will change.

Turn your hobby into a hustle. Make money from doing what you are truly passionate about and a love to help others. Because no job anywhere is perfect.

I have always worked jobs I was overqualified for and never had an attitude and never thought anyone owed me anything. I worked until I was blessed to do what I actually like doing and can make a living from it.

If you go into any job with the idea of just because you are there things are going to change you need to come back to this thing called reality.


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