A billion people in the world & never mind…

Tionna Talks: Love, Lust, Biz & Life!

There’s nothing like easy love… having someone there for you whether you’re up or down, knowing that person is going to answer the phone when you call no matter what, and waking up to that person knowing that with you is where they want to be. You can keep all that hard ish: checking the phone to see if they called, calling them to make sure their ok because they didn’t call, them not answering, or answering saying they will call you back and then you waiting for them to call you back. Arguing to them about how they treat you like sh*t like they don’t know they are treating you like sh*t… Crying… etc. That ish is for the birds. A mate is supposed to be an addition to your life and happiness and if someone is subtracting from your life… Leave their asses where they are standing. There…

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