I feel so liberated this year. I woke up one morning out of nowhere and decided I no longer wanted to be unhappy.
I decided to speak on issues and come out of a shell that I placed myself.
The way I see it I have just as much right to speak since so many people who are senseless speak without thinking.
I have cared too much about things and people who did not matter or have my best interest at heart. I learned alot this year. You cannot let people keep walking on you. Believe in and stand up for yourself. Everything happens for a reason. Everyone is not meant to stay in your life forever. Sometimes people come into your life long enough to teach you the lessons that you would have not learned otherwise on your own. The people I have met have caused me to grow and I am thankful!
You can work anything out by asking sweet baby Jesus for guidance. I still have not accomplished everything I want to yet but I do appreciate all that God has given me. I am a work in progress!


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