Someone asked me today what I wanted for Christmas and I gave them a list with: Honesty, Love, Time and Loyalty from one person. I know alot to ask for especially since guys like to put you on layaway and come around after they have screwed half of society and you are suppose to just start a relationship with them. Seems blunt to say this but that is how I feel. Some guy I have not talked to in a while expected this from me. No gradually start dating just saying all of a sudden you looking to settle down. My response: no I am good this way. Crazy right but men are from Mars and women are from venus.

I was asked by the guy to give them something they could buy me for Christmas then I told them a Range Rover 🙈 That is my dream car. He said be serious and I was really serious.

Moral of the story, I always want things that money cannot buy. You cannot place a price tag on happiness or a piece of mind.

I normally end up liking things and people that are far from my reach. I never expect anything from anyone even a gift. If I do something for someone that is just that and out of the goodness of my heart. No strings. I have a habit of seeing things and if I think that person would like it I would get it for them. I am more of a just because or what I would call a spontaneous individual.

People forget the real reason of the season of Christmas. It is not about expensive gifts to impress anyone but the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth.

I have had a awkward Christmas since my mom has not been alive. She would always put thought in whatever she gave me. She would never give me money like most kids parents because she knew I would spend it on something for someone else.

All I want for Christmas is to be happy 😊


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