Men are generally creatures of habit and normally predictable.
If he texts you he is sending a message that he is suddenly thinking of you. If he decides to pick up the phone and call you he misses you. Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. However, if he normally texts or calls you and all of a sudden stops he is entertaining someone else. That is what most would think.
Then they have some guys who could think of you but not call or text you because they simply do not want a relationship. Also, because of this thing called pride or being bashful. Maybe even afraid of commitment or trust issues.
I truly do not like predictable guys. Make me wonder or learn something from you. But this could also go for females.
Females can suddenly see a movie or look at something someone gave them and decide to text a guy. Today a calendar someone gave me fell off my wall. I almost text this person today but if you make no effort I will not go out my way.
If you want to be involved in someone’s life we have this thing called 24 hours God gives us because he loves us unconditionally and even for 2 minutes of those 24 hours if you really wanted that person to know how you feel you could text, call or meet up some place.



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