I love Christmas movies but a real serious movie that I love is a Hallmark drama called “Christmas Magic” with Lindy Booth and Paul McGillion. The movie is about a lady getting hurt in a car accident while using her cellphone and in order for her to gain entry into heaven she is being put to a test to help a man and his daughter during Christmas. The lady and the man both are not fond of Christmas. The man’s wife died in a car accident five years ago and his daughter is the only one who can see that the woman is an angel. The woman had to make amends with her father whom she had not spoken to in months. She resented her father because he focused on his business rather than family. She realized she grew up to be just like him focused on her career. The only downfall was that she could not come into contact with anyone from her past. She came into contact with a former colleague who began dating the guy she fell in love with and she felt obligated to tell him that the woman he was interested in was a evil person. She jeopardized her chances of coming out of a coma. Her assignment was to bring joy and happiness to the angels son and his daughter. She was to open his heart the only problem was she fell in love with the man’s son and his daughter. The woman she told him was evil told him the woman who was babysitting his daughter was in the hospital in a coma. He asked his daughter how did she know she was an angel and she said she could feel it. The lady’s father stayed by her side. The man rushed to the hospital with his daughter. Her father said it would take Christmas Magic to bring her back. The near death experience was for her to think about someone else instead of her career for a change. The man was determined for her to awaken and he began to sing a song he wrote for his wife. The Christmas song woke her up. The angel (the man’s father) gave her two choices to walk to the light or the Earthly plane. She chose to awaken for a real chance at love. Her father was by her side and the man finished writing the song prior to coming to the hospital. Her message to the man from the angel was that the secret ingredient was love. The lady woke up on Christmas morning. They both felt different about Christmas.

The moral of this movie to me is that you can love a person for who they are even if you do not know them completely. Everyone is given an assignment while on Earth. You meet everyone on Earth for a reason. You can make a difference in someone’s life and not even know that you are effecting them in a positive way. Be kind to all you meet you maybe entertaining an angel on Earth.


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