I had the worst kindergarten teacher ever, Mrs. Augustus…I cannot remember certain things I did yesterday but I remember her name at Forest Heights Elementary. She wanted to fail me because I did not want to share my colors with my classmates. I told her I did not know where those little kids hands had been and they were not sharing my colors my mom bought me. 😂 She told my mom I was going to fail her class because I did not want to share. 😏 I did not learn anything from her but if you do not like the job you have get you another job, occupation or career. Goes to show you me sharing my colors had nothing to do with me later in life. I have been volunteering since I was six at different organizations. I am a giver.
However, I still do not like to write with a pen that someone else has used. I guess you can say I am still a little OCD 😜


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