I can converse with a white guy or a black guy and say the same thing but to the black guy it would come across as offensive.
I always state how I feel and it takes a special person to deal with me if they are not use to dealing with a honest and straightforward person.
I had a conversation with a black guy who feels that sex is the most important factor in a relationship. I asked a white guy the same thing of what was important and he said trust and communication.
I am not saying all black guys or all white guys think the same way but I am saying I get a different outlook everytime with speaking to both race of men.
First of all, sex does not keep a woman around. Well let me speak for myself, not this woman. Showing loyalty, being trustworthy , and giving respect keeps a person in your life. A woman or a man should demand more than sex because she or he is of substance and worthy of immeasurable pleasures.
I also feel trust and communication are more valuable than sex.
This is why I stay to myself, because of the way some people think. Normally, I sit and observe people but the two race of men are so different. Strange you can say the same thing and get such a different answer. Factors such as: morals, values, family and cultural differences. However, I rarely think too much anyway.


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