I can understand an unarmed black teenager was killed but rioting, shooting, fighting & stealing is not going to bring that young man back to his parents. It is sad that too many stories did not match. Educate yourself, kids, family and friends. Learn your constitutional rights. Video what is going on when something comes up questionable.
Getting a criminal record for yourself is NOT going to help you get that promotion, federal or state occupation.
Regardless of what people say there is a proper protocol on how to interact with police or anyone in authority. I know a few people who are police that do not follow the laws. Also, I have been harrassed by police myself, yet I do know how to talk to them without coming off offensive or without being within my constitutional rights. I am blessed to teach politics a subject I love and I tell my students humble themselves, let the police speak and do not come off confrontational. Also, never hit at, commit a crime and expect it to be overlooked, show any sign or force of abuse towards the authoritative official. Some officials truly like to hear themselves talk. Let them speak and you can speak intelligently without being offensive.
All caucasian people are not racist so that needs to stop being said as the issue. They even get targeted as well. Everyone is subject to racial profiling.
However, common sense and history normally repeats itself…thus I would have not hired the same attorney who could not get a conviction on the Trayvon Martin case. He could not defend that case and would not have defended my case. Having the wrong attorney is alot worse than not having a attorney at all. The most unsensible thing I have ever heard was having him as an attorney. People need to stop the violence, educate themselves, stop committing crimes and they would not be a target. Vote officials in office that has their best interest. But everything happens for a reason and I would not wish that on anyones family. Prayers and sympathy goes out to his family.


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