People have the wrong idea of the difference between a two year college and a four year college degree. So many case studies have negative and also inaccurate information between the two colleges.

First, I can speak from personal experience with having graduated from a four year college, in which, took longer than four years to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. All students who go to college are more less like myself do not have a clue into which field of study to enroll. Most enroll in fields that have a higher wage after four years of study or the career that aligns with their general overall interest. Then you have students like myself who liked everything with the arts and majored in everything but nursing just to learn new subjects. This student is very dangerous as well as a student who ends up paying out of pocket the last year they decide to graduate because they have utilized all grant money to attend college.

Well let us begin describing the two year college. The two year college experience is normally three years maximum. The careers are subjects that are in high demand in the workforce. Most two year colleges receive grant money in which they can give students who successful complete each semester to matriculate through the program. Students in two year colleges pay less tuition and if they receive grants or scholarships more of the money is given back to the student due to the fact that fees are a lot cheaper than four year colleges. Most students in two year colleges have a specified area that they like and will only have to take a limited number of courses that are general courses. General courses are courses students generally have no interest in but these are the courses that will help them with all required courses in their field of study.

Whereas, at a four year college students are not only going to graduate in more debt they will also have class conflicts in order to complete their program within the required four years of study. Most classes are only offered in either just the Spring or just the Fall. Some programs have limited instruction in the Summer terms.

So personally, if I had to do it all over again I hate to say it and hate is a very strong word but I would suggest students enter in a two year college to get a technical degree in which they could receive several grants and work part time to complete their field of study and later progress to a four year college. I have met in the last few months students with a one year technical degree majoring in Aviation studies and Machine Tools with an annual salary of $52,000 a year. I have a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree and I am currently not making that myself.

The purpose of this blog is to let people know that two year colleges are nothing to be ashamed of anytime an individual is doing something to better themselves is an accomplishment. Never let someone keep you away from your dreams.



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