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I can converse with a white guy or a black guy and say the same thing but to the black guy it would come across as offensive.
I always state how I feel and it takes a special person to deal with me if they are not use to dealing with a honest and straightforward person.
I had a conversation with a black guy who feels that sex is the most important factor in a relationship. I asked a white guy the same thing of what was important and he said trust and communication.
I am not saying all black guys or all white guys think the same way but I am saying I get a different outlook everytime with speaking to both race of men.
First of all, sex does not keep a woman around. Well let me speak for myself, not this woman. Showing loyalty, being trustworthy , and giving respect keeps a person in your life. A woman or a man should demand more than sex because she or he is of substance and worthy of immeasurable pleasures.
I also feel trust and communication are more valuable than sex.
This is why I stay to myself, because of the way some people think. Normally, I sit and observe people but the two race of men are so different. Strange you can say the same thing and get such a different answer. Factors such as: morals, values, family and cultural differences. However, I rarely think too much anyway.

Nov 29

Hiding from all the people in NOLA….😏
Have to take a break from the Christmas movies and watch “The Da Vinci Code”….have not seen this in a while…makes you think


Men are creatures of habit from what I have observed. Generally, if they text you out of the blue they are thinking of you. If they call you, they miss you or may need you. But if you do not hear from them at all they generally are entertaining someone else.

However, all men are not the same and some you never may hear from and may even think of you but you seem to scare them because they really do not want a relationship.

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✅The best part of not having any feelings is that you save your heart, time and money.
✅Although, if you hold back your feelings you end up hurting anyway. ✅Relationships these days are a waste of time with the wrong person. ✅However, it can easily be different with the right person.
✅Whoever God puts in front of you is who you are supposed to love.
✅You can listen to your mind, but you should follow your heart.
🙈This is some random BS I think of at this time in the morning.